It is up to us
From our perch at the top of Hawaii Island in the middle of the Pacific, it's hard to imagine a global pandemic. The news is filled with human suffering, in patients and caregivers and in day-to-day deprivations but with everyone on the screen in protective gear, sometimes it seems just like another disaster movie.  Recently I saw a montage of videos of deserted streets in the major cities on Earth and that made the planetary desolation seem more real. And more beneficent: Gaia peaceful and quiet, maybe even contemplative, at last. 
They say we will never go back to how things were before and maybe that is the opportunity side of the Chinese symbol for crisis. If the universe is one and we on earth and earth itself are part of the cosmic holographic mesh then what are we humans feeding into the field of universal consciousness?
Gaia says no more ignorance or hate, no more meaningless destruction.  We can acknowledge our fears, anger or sadness as signs that something matters to us, and treat ourselves and our loved ones with understanding and compassion.  The frequencies of peace, love, kindness and beauty matter right now and to what will follow in the weeks, months and years to come.  These higher harmonics are gifts to our own future as our messages to the eve-evolving conscious universe to which we belong. 
Each of us can serve this way, even locked in our homes, going ourselves these gifts first, and then to those we are sequestered with and those few we pass outside our homes from a safe distance.  We can I've to our virtual companions and with our intentional consciousness give to all Sentient beings, all life on earth and the living breathing planet herself. We can take a moment to feel gratitude in our hearts and joy to embody these frequencies peace, love , compassion and beauty which reconnect us to all that is and all that matters. 
What a paradise is Mother Earth with her breathing trees, her singing birds, bees and butterflies, our animal friends and fruits for the picking. The beauty and grace are profound. Eden is before us.
It is up to us how this defining moment 'turns out'.
How would you like it to be?
Then, right now, just be that. 
It matters.
Author; Jill Peters.