My interest in medicine began as a child with herbs and other plants in my Grandparent's garden in Co. Cork. They grew their own food, in fact the garden was full of edible and medicinal plants with a greenhouse full of tomatoes and flowers. Watering tomatoes and plants was my favourite job as a kid. As a teenager I worked in the fields of Holland in Summertime and learned a lot from Dutch farmers. On moving to Hawaii I completed a five year apprenticeship under Dr. Chieko Joyce Maekawa PhD ( who in her 88th year continues to treat patients who come from all over the world to her clinic. Much of my experience has been with Veterans in the States as I realised that acupuncture helped enormously for those suffering from trauma, PTSD, concussions and high levels of pain. They consistently reported living life more peacefully. There is nothing fluffy about this medicine and you'd be surprised at how effective it is for all sorts of complaints and how relaxed you feel afterward. I usually practice Seitai Shinpo acupuncture but sometimes switch to traditional Chinese acupuncture depending on your needs. Cupping, moxa, herbal medicine, acupressure, auricular acupuncture etc.. can all weave their way into a treatment. 

My goal is to help you enjoy your life with more ease to do the things you love. 


Doctorate Oriental medicine, Licensed in CA & HI. USA.

MTCM Five Branches university (FBU) Santa Cruz & San Jose. CA. USA.

CSSA. Chieko Maekawa. PhD. L.Ac. Seitai Shinpo apprenticeship Hawaii.

Dr. Yangzhong Zhu. FBU classical Chinese medical studies. CA. USA

Dr. Arnaud Versluys (ICEAM). SFO, CA

Trauma & psychology in Chinese medicine. FBU.CA.

Dr. Jeffrey Yuen Classical studies. Ireland.

B.A degree fine art & teacher training. Ireland.

IET (Integrative Energy Medicine) & Reiki. Ireland 


Private practice Kona & Kapa'au HI - Dr.Ardolf & Associates.

Eastern Medical Center, Pleasanton, CA. USA. 

Truckee. Sierra Nevada. CA. 

Kona Clinic of Acupuncture, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. 

Dept.of Veterans affairs. Kona. HI and CA.

Veterans alliance, Santa Cruz. CA.

Holland America, Ship's acupuncturist. INTL.

Clinical instructor HICOM. Big Island, Hawaii. 

MHCAN center for mental health. Santa Cruz. CA. 

Janus residential drug and alcohol detox center. Santa Cruz. CA.

Dr. Sally Sheriff, women and children health clinic, CA. 

Peggy Schaffer, Medicinal herb farm research program, Petaluma, CA. 


Licensing bodies Ireland: AFPA # 8682

NCCAOM: # 125575

CA # 14245

Seitai group photo 2012 Hawaii with Dr. Maekawa fifth to the right front row. Dr. Sorimachi to her right. Stephen Birch translator left of Dr. Maekawa.