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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine combined with acupuncture is a powerful combination to strengthen the body. Blood building formulas, tonics, sedatives, coughs, colds, asthma etc. are wide ranging and are administered as granule teas and tinctures for easy ingestion and absorption by the body. Formulas are dispensed individually as the diagnosis for each patient is unique to them. Handouts and nutritional guidelines are inclusive of your treatment if you wish to make dietary and lifestyle changes. All are guaranteed good agricultural practices [GAP], good manufacturing practices, [GMP] & good processing practices [GPP] certified.


Golden Elixir is for pain in any area of the body and is based on the Shaolin monks treatment for sprains and contusions. This formula is hundreds of years old and contains herbs such as frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, ginger root, astragalus, safflower and clove. It is for external use only. 

Ashwaganda is a well known adaptogen herb that helps to regulate patterns of insomnia and anxiety. Eluthero and Rhodiola are also jewels in the world of herbalism to support energy, memory and concentration levels. These tinctures are usually 2:1or 3:1 herb to alcohol ratio, are organically grown and can be combined with one another or with other herbs.  Biological testing services [BTS] are the lab of choice to test adrenal function, digestive, urinary and many more internal issues from a functional medicine perspective. The lab sends treatment recommendations also. 

Herbal consultations are possible by phone or in person. 

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